How to correctly take fly agaric in capsules?

How to correctly take fly agaric in capsules?

Learn more about how to correctly take panther or red fly agaric in capsules to maximize benefits and avoid unwanted effects: usage, dosage, and detailed rules for consuming these mushrooms. The safest microdosing method. Practical tips for beginners and experienced users.

Myths about fly agarics abound, and quite often they do not correspond to reality.

False facts about fly agarics:

Fly agaric is highly toxic.

Not very, and it's conditionally poisonous. After boiling (the decoction needs to be drained twice), it is suitable for consumption for up to 15 minutes. These mushrooms can be fried or boiled.

It is a hallucinogen.

Fly agaric does not belong to psilocybin (hallucinogenic) mushrooms.

Overdosing on psychedelic substances can lead to hallucinations, but only as a result of nervous system overload.

It is harmful to health.

Well, if you eat a few raw mushrooms, you won't experience pleasant sensations, that's for sure. However, after heat treatment, the only toxin in the mushroom, ibotenic acid, is converted into muscimol. And it is not toxic. In other words, an overdose of muscimol causes a short-term reaction but does not disrupt the functioning of organs and systems. This is more related to increased neurological activity. The nervous system is transmitting the signal "SOS, something is wrong" through the means available to it.

Uncontrolled use of any substance can be harmful. It all depends on a person's responsibility.

Dangerous or not?

It all depends on the method of consumption. Raw fly agarics are definitely dangerous. Boiled fly agarics can be dangerous. Dried fly agarics are generally not dangerous, but it's difficult to find the right dosage. The issue is that the concentration of active substances in fly agarics varies from region to region, season to season, and even place of growth. For example, a fly agaric grown in a sunny clearing will be more active than a mushroom from a shady thicket. An adult mushroom with a fully expanded cap contains more active substances than a young one.

In everyday life, tracking all these nuances is quite difficult. Hence the possibility of overdose and cases of poisoning.

Fly agarics in capsules: a new way of using them

Scientists consider the safest method of consuming fly agaric to be the extract in capsules for the following reasons:

  • There's a need for universal dosage units. Everyone's spoons are different, but capsules can be made in one size.
  • The weight of the extract in each capsule is precisely known.
  • Knowing the substance's mass helps determine the correct dosage.
  • Before encapsulation, fly agarics from different regions are mixed to obtain an average content of muscimol, safe for humans.
  • Large suppliers encapsulate the extract, adhering to all technical requirements for its preparation. This is beyond the capabilities of small-scale producers.
  • Capsules are easy to carry with you. You can take a capsule anywhere at any time.
  • The capsules are made from plant-based gelatin derivatives, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They contain collagen molecules, are safe for health, have no contraindications, and dissolve not in the mouth but in the stomach. Thus, beneficial substances are not wasted "along the way" but reach the absorption site completely.
  • Such packaging has neither taste nor smell. Even mushroom enthusiasts can get tired of the mushroom taste if they experience it for 30 days in a row. Neutral capsules don't have this issue.


Usage and Dosage

In our country, fly agaric is available in two forms: red and panther. Their effects are similar since the active component is muscimol. However, the panther variety has a more pronounced effect, but it also comes with more side effects. Therefore, panther fly agaric is typically recommended for individuals who already have experience with red fly agaric.

Microdosing fly agaric is recommended for:

  • Reducing symptoms of depression
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Combating addiction
  • Relaxation
  • Self-reflection
  • Creative exploration
  • Expanding consciousness

The dosage of red fly agaric should not exceed 0.8 grams per day. Increasing the dosage negates the therapeutic effects due to unpleasant sensations.

Panther microdosing is considered safe when taken at a maximum of 0.7 mg per day.

However, everyone is different, so dosage is individually tailored. It typically starts with the smallest dose - 0.3 grams. Here, the convenience of capsules becomes evident. How can you measure 0.3 grams of powder when it's not in a capsule? What if you're on the go, at an important meeting, or a date? It's not practical to pull out a jar of suspicious powder and microscales. A capsule already contains the required amount of extract. It's easy to swallow and doesn't draw attention. It's ideal for moments of social unease, helping you relax and engage easily at a party, deliver a presentation to partners, meet your significant other's parents, or simply drift into a peaceful sleep and experience vivid, memorable dreams.


Rules for Using Red and Panther Fly Agaric in Capsules

  • Start with the smallest dose.
  • Increase the dose gradually.
  • If unpleasant symptoms occur, reduce the dose.
  • If reducing the dose doesn't help, discontinue use.

Important note! Mushrooms are complex to digest. Therefore, mild reactions such as gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, various organ pains, and dizziness are considered normal. This is very similar to the reaction one might experience in the first days of taking antidepressants. The rule here is to endure. If the symptoms persist for two weeks, you should discontinue use.



In microdoses, fly agaric has no negative impact on internal organs. Its neuroleptic and antidepressant effects are comparable to medical drugs. Moreover, microdosing doesn't lead to addiction, and there's no withdrawal syndrome. Morning intake results in a burst of energy, while evening use promotes relaxation.

Besides its calming effect, it also expands consciousness, creating conditions for creative breakthroughs and innovative solutions.

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