What is Strategic Coaching?

Strategic coaching allows you to create a plan to realize your requests, dreams, or projects. Essentially, a dream is a project. For instance, your dream might be to buy or build a house, start a business, or form a family. Usually, this happens step by step: first, we understand what we truly want, then we create a plan, and afterwards, we implement it. However, it often happens that we don't reach the end—inspiration fades, the initial charge dissipates, or we simply get distracted by something else. In many cases, there's just not enough energy to manage everything everywhere. Therefore, we get stuck in what's commonly referred to as a "mire," from which it's not easy to escape, often feeling like nothing is happening. Many of our clients have experienced this, and to be honest, so have I. But when I discovered coaching over 15 years ago, many things started to become clearer and fall into place, and I began to move forward. That was the first step. Later, I encountered microdosing with Amanita, which was my next step. I clearly lacked this element; it gave me a significant breakthrough in life, providing me with additional energy, mental clarity, emotional balance, good sleep, and a pleasant sense of reality.
In a word, coaching and microdosing are one of the best mixes I've tried for self-development.


    The group consists of 6 people.


    The duration is 2 days, 3 hours each. Sessions take place every 2 weeks.


    Followed by 2 hours of individual consultation with each person.


    The cost is $300 per person.

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